National Organic Food Fair

Little Milk Company

Over the next few weeks we’ll be getting to know some of our exhibitors for the National Organic Food Fair.

Today we caught up with the Little Milk Company, purveyors of fine milk and cheese!

Q. Simply…… Why Organics? 

A. Better for the animals better for the environment better for you

Q. How did you become involved in Organics in Ireland?

A. Our farers have been organic for over 25 years so we are a long time at it

Q. What is the biggest myth about Organics that you have debunked!? 

A. (People) feel that organic doesn’t equal tasty – well with 17 awards including 5 gold and best organic cheese we have shown organic=tasty.

Q. When people meet you at NOFF they will choose you because……..

A. Our cheese is the best tasting cheese in Ireland!

Q. Give us one surprising fact about your company!

A. There are 10 Organic Farmers involved in the Little Milk Company

Thanks for the great answers guys!


Little Milk 1 Little Milk 2