National Organic Food Fair

Caherhurley Nursery

We hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday afternoon, we’ve got just two weeks until the National Organic Food Fair begins on Sunday the 14th of September in Marlay Park.

Today we caught up with the lovely people of Caherhurley Nursery whoanswered a few of our questions.

Q. Simply…… Why Organics?

A. We are organic because it is simply the only way to grow healthy and hardy ornamental plants.

Q. How did you become involved in Organics in Ireland?

A. We have an organic farm.

Q. What is the biggest myth about Organics that you have debunked!? 

A. The biggest myth about organics that we have debunked is that it is more expensive. Our plants are better quality because they are produced slowly, without forcing or chemical enhancers, but we sell them for only €3.50 each which is about half the price that they would cost in a garden centre.

Q. When people meet you at NOFF they will choose you because……..

A. People will choose our stall because of our reputation; customers know us and have great experience with our plants. We have a wide range of unusual perennial plants that attract new customers, as of course do our low prices!

Q. Give us one surprising fact about your company!

A. As if the nursery didn’t keep is busy enough we also have an Arabian horse stud farm!

Thanks for the great info guys! If you’d like to learn more about Caherhurley Nursery you can find the guys at:

Caherhurley Nursery